Friday, January 01, 2010

The end of a truly forgettable year.

What starts with S and ends with R? Star? In this case, it's SlAcKeR, otherwise known as Christi, Mom, wife to Nathan. It's been a tough/rough year. I haven't been the best at keeping tabs on all the activities and Blogging such on this here blog. I have all the programs folded and tucked away as proof I went to said activities, but my memory is rather poor as to the actual subject manner.I'm pretty certain my kids were there, in the vast sea of kid faces. At least, the programs had their names on it.And, I think I drove them there...pretty sure anyways...hmmmm?
So, I will not win Mother of the Year 2009. I'm crossing my fingers, toes and eyes that my kids will forgive my horrible year of misfortunes medically, and support me in my latter-years when I truly don't remember their names, and can't drive for real.
Later tomorrow, I will post the best of the best pictures from the year 2009. I may not remember taking them, but that's not the point!( Is it? )GUDMUNDSON'S ROCK!
The Matriarch, Mrs Slacker

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My BEAUTIful foot, and my baby Easter girl

The case of the curious purple foot has been solved! I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Read about it here:
It hurts. Alot. This is my foot today....painfully swollen. I had a good cry earlier. It's okay. Onto prettier things...:)

My Sophie Bean. Isn't she a doll?

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Easter Girls

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Some new Kittens

Bella had 6 babies. They are adorable!

" Snickerdoodle"

" Runts "

"Baby Ruth"

Snickerdoodle again
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Just fun





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4th grade program

UTAH....The program.

Caleb and his buddy Bryce otherwise known as " Bubba"
Caleb was a railroad worker. I sent Nathan to DI to pick out his costume. He did a good job, eh?

K, see the misty stuff....could it have been the railroad workers from the 1800's haunting us? Hmm?
either that, or the pretend steam from the choo-choo train. Probably that, huh?

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Happy 5th Birthday Sophie!

Our baby is 5, and I honestly can't believe it! She is such a sweetheart, and we love her LOTS!

She sleeps in these slippers everynight! She requested them!

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Pinewood Derby Again?

Wow, time flies by! Seems like just yesterday Caleb whooped everyone's car for 1st place in everything a year ago! too bad this year he came in dead last! it was a great lead into explaining the winning isn't everything speech. Ask me how that conversation went.....
Yeah, not so well. We had lots of tears, but in the end he got to race his winning car from last year. All ended well.

Nathan the Webelos leader ( Yes, I am too) helping tweak THE car.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The case of the curious purple foot

So, this was my cool purple foot last week.

This one was just cool because I could draw pictures. YUCK!

Yes, it hurt. And yes, it grossed out my family. Cool.
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My Boys

Handsome Cub Leader

Handsome cub.

The boy is genius at rigging stuff up. CD won't play you say? Caleb has something to fix it with....

Sleeping with Speedy.
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